27 jul. 2016

Español online

Español online

La Caverna, escuela de escritura creativa se complace en patrocinar el curso online de Español, para hablantes de otras lenguas.

Enseñando Español Online

Teacher since: Feb 06, 2015
I’m a professional Spanish teacher. For 3 years I tutored students and teachers at the British School of Caracas, Venezuela. I have taught children, young people and adults with learning difficulties and special needs. I’m also a peace educator, interpreter, translator, artist and Laughter Yoga teacher. I am passionate about languages and have mastered English, French and Italian by travelling and making friends. I have developed my own unique and alternative way to learn languages in a way that is meaningful and connected to your purpose, clear and easy to use, fun and creative to keep you motivated.

·         Language Skills:
·         Spanish ,
·         English ,
·         French ,
·         Italian ,
·         German
·         Teaching Specialities:
·         Beginners
·         Children
·         Teenagers